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Pittsburgh Property Management - Tenant Maintenance Responsibilities

A tenant must share some responsibility for maintenance. As a landlord or property manager, we should be clearly laying out what items a tenant is responsible for maintaining in the lease, so that when contractors must be sent out you have a clear way to bill tenant for misuse or neglect. Below are the 9 things that tenants should be responsible for in any well written lease:1. Waste DisposalYou need to throw out the garbage if you would like a clean and odorless home the next time you are ready...read more > >

Pittsburgh Residential Property Management - Rental Scams

By Davis Pratt, PMI Public Relations SpecialistImagine finding a great rental home for a young family; the location, size, and price range are all ideal for their needs and they even like the layout and color scheme. Everybody is happy until moving day, when you find a different family you’ve never met living in the house you’re about to rent, insisting they have a signed lease agreement and have paid the deposit and first month’s rent to the owner (a property owner you’v...read more > >